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Product Knowledge

It is an ordinary filter paper, the scope of application of such a wide range of!

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Filter paper is widely used in various fields as an effective filter medium. According to the different types of fiber filter paper, filter paper performance, use is not the same. For general occasions the common filter paper with carnosine; for high temperature glass fiber filter; we also have super net polypropylene filter paper.

High efficiency filter paper is based on the glass fiber as the main raw material, made of wet forming process, with the characteristics of uniform fiber distribution, large dust capacity, small resistance, high strength and so on, is the ideal air filter material. Paper filter can effectively filter the paint, oil, glass raw materials, epoxy resin and asphalt, Teflon, liquefied build, plastic, porcelain, fuel, coating, filter paper are generally equipped with magnetic stick separation device filter, air drying porcelain, efficient filter paper is to glass fiber as the main raw materials by wet forming process made with fiber distribution, dust holding capacity, small resistance, high strength, is ideal air filter material.

Under normal circumstances, industrial filter paper can be used in the following areas:

- car auto parts processing, cylinder head, cylinder engine, special filter paper filter;

The cutting grinding fluid; grinding fluid; cooling liquid special filter paper;

The cutting fluid bearing processing, grinding concentrating special filter paper;

The aluminum rolling oil; emulsion; filter paper grinder cutting fluid;

The copper wire drawing machine cooling hot rolling emulsion; emulsion filter paper;

The steel sheet rolling emulsion; filter paper grinding fluid grinding machine.

Under normal conditions, the more difficult to remove impurities in the use of filter paper can be easily removed. This is the function of the filter paper. We have a lot of places in the industrial production must be used filter paper, so the performance and its role to have a sufficient understanding, so as to select the most suitable products. Miki precision filter paper over the years focused on filter paper, precision filter paper R & D and production sales. Our products are of superior quality, complete models, and affordable price, which is worthy of your trust!

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