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Product Knowledge

Glass fiber filter paper which has the superior performance

2016-08-18    source:    Author:  Viewed:277

Glass fiber filter paper is a kind of glass fiber filter paper. Fiber thickness ingenious combination with particularly good load capacity, fast flow and retention of small particles. These characteristics make glass fiber filter paper has become a need to extend the lifespan of the filter in a variety of applications, the best choice, for example to do pre filter membrane. The glass fiber filter paper can be used for making the frame type filter and the folding filter element, and can effectively filter the gas, the inorganic solution and the oil liquid.

The glass fiber filter paper has the characteristics of good isotropic, uniform pore size distribution, small quantity, heat resistance, flame resistance, water resistance and large amount of pollution. Let's talk about the superior performance of the filter paper:

1, no need to spend a long time to complete the filter.

1, 2 pieces of glass fiber filter paper can filter more liquid.

3, glass fiber filter paper can filter the filter will plug the filter hole of the traditional filter.

4, high strength and chemical resistance, are biologically inert.

5, with a small size of glass fiber filter paper, can be applied to the corresponding small appliances.

6, glass fiber filter paper can be high temperature and high pressure disinfection.

7, glass fiber filter paper storage is convenient, not affected by humidity.

8, high temperature stability: the maximum use temperature of 500 degrees C.

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